advise needed

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advise needed

Post by bozz6363 » Wed May 16, 2018 7:04 am

Hi guys thing of back to fish keeping after years of stopping this hobby. Previously was only keeping Aros and Rays but this time round want to try TVR. where would a good place to source for nice TVR? Any other advise is much appreciated regards keeping and grooming of TVR. Thank You once again

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Re: advise needed

Post by wolverine » Sat May 19, 2018 8:42 pm

For pure Japan ranchu, it is pretty hard to get in Singapore deal to the cost and quality not matching.

There are some Singapore club still active, but it is pretty "exclusive" among the member. They usually bring in some during the breeding session, if i don't remember wrongly it is about June and July period where they offer bags of "babies" ranchu from Japan.

I am not in the position to comment on the quality and price, but this is the way i know how to get you can get hold of Japan ranchu.  You can find them in facebook.

There are also individual hobbyist that are good in breeding some ranchu, you might also consider them.  Run through the forum and try write to them to see if they have some to let go.

If you are not so particular about "Japan made", you can actually look for some local fish shop and hunt for "normal" chinese ranchu with thick back, although to many this is like "wild goose chase", i think, you can find some and they are equally joyful to keep.
Attached are some of the random ranchu i picked up between $5 to $25 in local fish shop.  My experience keeping them are almost equally joyful as those "Japan made" ranchu i used to collect and keep.  In term of detail appreciation, definitely, they are not comparable to the orignal japan ranchu, it is not an apple to apple comparison.

Finally, if you really really need help, let Fynnmood know, we will try to help you to get, but we prefer that you source yourself. SMILE.

Three main characteristic:
(1) Thick peduncle (back bone towards the tail)
(2) Tail tuck closely to the stomach
(3) Tail is well spread open

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