My new ryukin with a black spot on its fin

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My new ryukin with a black spot on its fin

Post by mindfreak » Thu May 12, 2016 7:48 pm

Just bought this ryukin, really love the white gold colour, but notice the fin on the top got this black spot, but despite that I still bought it, does anyone know how do I cure that ? Thanks.
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Re: My new ryukin with a black spot on its fin

Post by wolverine » Fri May 13, 2016 1:32 pm

Usually the expert hobbyist will perform a slight "cosmetic" work on such cases, but it don't always work.
It is very dependent on the fish.

Step (1) Using anesthesia on the fish, this is to reduce the stress on the fish and also yourself. Use Cloves oil or labelled as “Eugenol”
Step (2) Net out the fish and open up its dorsal fin and cut diagonal on the ray (See photo)
Step (3) Try not to cut too deep in the ray, it might damage the root.
Step (4) Apply some fungi infection medication (example Melafix)
Step (5) Light feeding for a week, so that the water remain clear and that reduce risk of infection.
If the roots of the ray is not damage, it will grow back, but it might not be straight and pointing.

* Note, the older the fish is, lesser the chance the fish will grow back its fins nicely.
* Make sure you use a very sharp knife or cutter (the ray is very hard)
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